Sunday, February 8, 2009

Edible landscaping link

Here is the website for the guys who are doing edible organic landscaping. I am busy and sick with pollen allergies and moving soon so - I haven't checked much into the community thing yet. I found some leads I will follow, but if none of them works out, I want to find someone who will help me make it. So, not much to say, I just want to get that website link up.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Garden of Eatin'

The Garden of Eatin': A Short History of America's Garden from roger doiron on Vimeo.

I love this video. I know a guy who is doing pretty good business planting vegetable gardens for people, hopefully the time of the victory garden has come again. Now I just have to find a solution for people like me who do not have yards.

Please sign the petition here.
And let me know what you're growing!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A piece of land

When I chose my new home I had to pick between a bigger more expensive place with a balcony with a nice view and bathroom with a window and a smaller affordable place with neither. I decided to be practical and get the efficiency sans garden space (a bathroom is a great place for plants, and a window really helps). I really really wanted the place with the balcony - it looked like it got a lot of sun and I could have grown some vegetables and some other things. Few things make me as happy as being out in a garden, and a patio garden would have been something.

Now, the perfect solution to my no garden plot dilemma would be to rent a bit of land to garden in... on. When I lived in Germany I often passed a large area that had little gardens sectioned out all over it. They were small - maybe 10 x 10 - and had a little shed or something on them. I forget, maybe they had a fence around them. As much as I loved living in Germany, I missed playing in the dirt, and often thought that if I could have one of those I could be happy. I have read that people have done similar things with vacant plots in Chicago and in New York. So, why not here? I would gladly pay a small fee every month to have my own little space to garden in.

I am an idea man, not an entrepreneur. So, will someone please take this idea and run with it? I really think its a great idea - even in these hard economic times. I think a lot of people would pay $20 a month (I don't know what it should be) to have a place to grow their own vegetables or roses or whatever. Especially as people are hearing more about salmonella infested fruits but can not grow their own because they live in small apartments. Maybe the idea would have to be sold a bit, its popular in other parts of the world, and our grandmothers would do it, why not us? There are a lot of empty lots or worn down buildings around here that could be converted into a garden.

time to move on

After four rooms found through I am finally through. I still think craigslist is really helpfull and a great tool. There are all sorts of jobs there and you can sell stuff or buy things and if your bored or whatever for a good laugh its fun to read the personals. Seriously though, just for fun - never date anyone from there, they're all quacko. I don't even think its bad getting or renting a room there - I met two great people that way (one by moving into her house, and the other was her friend) and a friend of mine just found the best deal on a condo there.

But, I am through searching for awhile. There are a bunch of great deals on craigslist, but I took the easy way. I went to an apartment complex and rented an efficiency. Its in a safe clean neighborhood so I don't think I will be too nervous starting this next phase in my life - the part where I (just before I turn 30) finally live on my own! Up until now I've lived with my parents, lived with "men friends" or rented rooms at stranger's houses. I would be nervous if the area wasn't safe, or was loud or something, but I think it will be ok. (While there I met an elderly lady on her way to play bingo in the club house - it doesn't get calmer than that).

It will be like renting my room (because its just an efficiency, so its like a big room plus kitchen and bathroom) - but the Hello Kitty Pinkness will extend beyond the bedroom! Haha! Plus, since it will finally be all mine - I can finally entertain (a little). Unfortunately this means I'll have to keep a little cleaner, but my excuse has always been that I haven't had enough space to be clean, so we'll see if that turns out to be true (I plan to get a raised bed and kick everything under there).

Oh, just in case your keeping tally - this will be my 2nd move this year (unless you cound the brief time I'll stay at a friends in between there and here) and my.... 8th home since I moved back to Florida. Woo! I blame it all on my dad, because as partial Navy brats we led the lives of gypsies.

which is more important? i.e. which would you choose at the exclusion of the other?