Monday, April 8, 2013

Spiced Mango Pops

   Inspired by a great mango sale at Whole Foods and the mango lassies that were being sampled I made these (plastic free!) spicy mango popsicles.  Since there is no yogurt in them I do not know if they can be called lassies 

I blended:
about three atoulfo mangoes,
the juice of one and a half limes
A little bit of ground cardamom (1/4 tsp?)
A nub of ginger (1/2"?)
And just a little canned coconut milk. Maybe 1/4C

It smells delicious. Spicy and tropical.

   A friend got me these molds from Onyx, but I would get them from because I like that company.  The molds are great because I can take fresh season produce and quickly turn it into a guilt free snack.

   In case you are intimidated by mangoes the simplest way to get the fruit out is to stand them on end, stem side up (or lay them down), and cut down letting the knife slide right over the pit.  Then simply take a soup spoon and following the contours of the skin, scoop the fruit out.

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