Sunday, March 22, 2009

cured fom brats

I've heared from a lot of vegetarians how they feel better when they don't eat meat (some people say they feel better when they eat just fruits or cut out sugar, but that's too extreme for me) and today I think I have been cured (at least for awhile) of bratwursts. Probably hot dogs in general.
I think I have good memories of eating junky food, but then I try it again and they don't measure up. It seems more foods are being relegated to the list of foods I eat when I'm feeling crummy. Tony's cheapie pizzas in the frozen food section, fast food in general - actually, fast food has pretty much been wiped off my list (I had one Checker's burger this year and before that I hadn't had a drive through burger in a couple of years, and I think it will be a couple more until I do it again, if ever).
It is interesting how my tastes are evolving - I now prefer chocolate ice cream over vanilla - but unfortunately I now prefer food that takes longer to cook and requires that I eat it soon after purchasing it.
My last Taco Bell nachos were pretty bad, maybe they're next....

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  1. I can see giving up hot dogs but not bratwursts. Brats are one of the best foods ever created, ideal for festivals, parties or whatever. It is even more festive if boiled in cheap, raunchy beer before grilled and smothered with sauerkraut (they never seem to taste any different boiled in beer or water before grilled, I believe it's psychological, which adds to the event). Brats are an event in themself though, without the party.


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