Tuesday, March 24, 2009

facebook, twitter and mysociallifeisdependantuponstupidmembersonlycomputergroups

I do not belong to facebook (trying to stay out despite requests) I really do not like myspace (definately won't join that one) and god help me, I hope I never tweet. For those of you fogies who live in a cave and don't know what I'm talking about - I envy you.

I have this little blog which my friends and family could read if they cared to see whats up in my life (ok, more of whats on my mind). They don't have to join and create a password and another ID to remember. They can simply go to the site, and read it. Yes, it can be a bit long, but do you want to hear "status: doing nothing, bored. feeling fat." "what are you doing now: dishes" Woo! Yes, I have friends who tell me myspace helps them keep in touch with their friends and family but in order for me to find out whats up in their lives also, I have to join. I have to create an account and a website and a profile and remember another password and one day I'll get drunk and post something crazy that will prevent my nonexistent future children from being accepted into Notre Dam. I have also had a roommate (who should have gotten it over with and become a stripper) who used myspace to meet all sorts of great guys - sometimes two in one day!
Yes, facebook is supposed to be "classier" you have to use your real name, but a.) it is against pictures of mom's breastfeeding (what??) and b.) people use it to facebook-stalk. I had another roommate who told me she was feeling down because she was checking up on an old boyfriend and she saw he was now dating a young attractive woman. I do not want to check to see what a friend has been up to and wind up in a drama like that.

Is that enough for now or should I go on to say why I think this next generation is going to pot?

Seriously though, I'd rather my friends called me up or sent me an email (even a group email) or (dare I say it?) an actual letter, than to have to check their "tweets" or facebook account to see what little minutia they have been up to. "status: road trip, see attached photo" As to the blog? Well, it exists half for me to just get my thoughts out and if someone wishes to comment than so be it; and half because a friend told me to set up a blog so I'd stop bothering him and he could just read my thoughts at leisure. hm...
If one of my friends had a blog I'd love to read it. I would try to check it periodically and comment to let them know they're loved (hint). How is this different from a social networking site?.. Ah, I answered my own question. Social networking. That's what those sites are, and this is not. This exists to share ideas or thoughts, those exist for "networking".

I suppose this is long enough for now. I'll sound more like an old lady later when I write about "this younger generation"Italic

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  1. I agree with your thoughts on the social networking issue. It is somewhat kids stuff and it probably beats how kids used to communicate outside of school (even before instant messaging), primarily members of the opposite sex, hanging on the telephone talking about not much at all and usually at the same time one or both parties also carrying on a conversation with a person in the same room or even house as them. And as a person ages (post school) it is great for meeting people but there are also designated sites for that. But what troubles me, and I know this is irrelevant to the purpose of your entry, is that Notre Dame is catholic. I consider most catholics hypocritical except for my mother and father. Catholics are also forgiving so maybe all you would have to do is recite a few Hail Mary prayers or if it was something really bad recite the Rosery. I'm not really sure of the consequences associated with something too awful bad though. I believe the worst of my sins were lying and taking things that didn't belong to me (I don't like the word stealing when associated with something really minor. Kind of like my lies were white lies too). I don't remember if I ever discussed under age or excessive drinking or even smoking dope with the priest and no we never had sex. The priests I have ever been associated with were good people although there were always an abundance of nuns in town at that point in time. But anyway all you will need to worry about over an obscene gesture published on the internet is the controversy when this child runs for public office. And you will have hell to pay if you should ever move into the White House with this child. p.s. If I read or respond to your entries it doesn't mean I'm your friend. As far as love I'm still trying to figure out the meaning of that word. But if it makes you feel better rather than an acquaintance I could probably consider you a person of interest.


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