Monday, April 27, 2009

Fat in the USA

disclaimer: By writing this I am not saying I am fat. Please don't say "oh, your not fat". Cuz I'm PHAT.

On my way home from work everyday I drive by a bill board (drove, I think its finally gone) of a disgustingly thin woman - just her mid section - with a midriff baring shirt with a measuring tape around her middle. It was some ad for weight loss. "You can be this thin!" But, why would I want to? I whole heartily believe that real women have curves (even though I haven't seen that movie yet). Um, also, to those naturally skinny women out there - you can't help it, I still think you're real women. But, you are meant to be that way. What I'm saying is, I have naturally slender friends - and they are beautiful that way.

Ok, disclaimers out the way - back to talking about people who have some junk in their trunk. The point is, its hard having curves in America. We have very few curvalicious roll models. Starting from a young age we are impressed by the notorious Barbie who was impossibly tall, skinny and big breasted. Not to mention video game and comic book characters and Shera. Do you know how hard it is trying to live up to that?
Women on TV, billboards and posters are all skinny and big breasted. And, if celebrities do get pleasantly plump, they are so talked about that they quickly loose it. So, it is hard for many women to accept themselves as they are because society is constantly telling them that they are not thin enough nor big boobed enough.

What I want is a slightly shorter barbie with less perky boobs and a little bit of a belly and a bit of a butt. Actually, I don't have a Barbie around, so I'm not sure how her butt looks - but I am definitely not going to google it.

On the other hand, we are definitely a country of fat people. I think people in the Middle East console themselves by saying "Sure, those Americans bomb us and sure are making a mess around here - but man, they sure are fat! And stupid! Most of them don't even know where the Middle East is!" "Oh, its funny..." Actually, I think that quote applies to a lot of other countries (except you substitute bomb with whatever). And yes, I know that they bomb each other, but they probably have to make other generalizations about their neighbors who bomb them.

There's not a lot else to say about the whole fat thing. We are a lazy, misinformed people (the preservatives are making me fat!). Now, I'm not saying we are the only fat nation, I am saying we are the fattest. (see poll).
Maybe this propensity towards fatness is another thing that makes it difficult for people to be a little curvy - fear of going too far in the wrong direction.

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