Sunday, May 10, 2009

turn-ons and turn-offs. Or, cheers and jeers

I hate:
Mean People -
dishonest people, self-centered people, close minded people and people who are too full of themselves are included here
I'm trying to rid my self (or severly limit) my use of plastic/non-biodegradable things. Products by Preserve and such that can be reused somehow don't count.
Fundamentalist Christians who are close minded and try to convert you get on my nerves, and the same goes for similar Republicans.

I like:
donation gifts -
a friend of mine had a tree planted somewhere for me for my birthday and thats cool. I donated money in my dad's name for his birthday and donated money to oxfam for my brother's birthday so a family could get mosquito netting.
I like rescue animals - I dislike puppy mill dogs or irresponsible pet owners who don't fix their pets.
I like good books and art in many forms
like a Taurus I like things that please the senses - especially good food, served well
I love my friends, and my family isn't that bad either
I like nice polite kind people - the kind of people who would give up their seat on a bus to a little old lady

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  1. I didn't think you had a liking for people. You probably listed about 98% (if put in the right situation at some time or another anyway), ya think?
    I would request a location for the Melissa happy tree. It would be fun to visit when your old and wrinkled. Be careful of your donation frenzy. I saw a program once where most are bogus or at least a very small portion of the donation go to actually help anyone in need.


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