Sunday, May 17, 2009

got to have a baby

disclaimer; I am not referring to my friends who have recently had/are having babies

It is generally understood, that only the stupid people are breeding. Ignorant people have children, teach them little that is good and set them free in to the world to wreck havoc, vote, and in turn breed again. I've thought what a terrible shame this is and how unlikely it is to reverse. There are fewer intelligent people, and less of them breed. Exponentially, the stupid will grow more quickly, while perhaps the smart people will die off.

I have said before how much I detest children. They're loud, they require attention - more so than the house plants I forget to water - they live too long, and who knows when you will get your space and freedom again. Plus, its a deteriorating world we live in. I don't think things are likely to get better - simply put, I think we're going to pot. So, isn't it selfish and cruel to put force another creature to live through all of this?

Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that in order that the human race's remaining years have a fighting chance, the intelligent must breed. We need to dilute the stupid in the gene pool. I'm not talking about crazy rampant breeding, just one or two. The only other thing we can do is hope the stupid will have gay babies, or by some mutation their children resist the stupid gene, and become intelligent individuals.

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  1. Takes all kinds of idiots to make the world go round. The intelligent idiots have created some wonderful technology which will eventually lead to the destruction of the world as we know it and who knows possibly mankind. I believe that is the destiny of mankind so were on the right track.


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