Tuesday, August 25, 2009

wild aniamls

I know a man who is like an animal I might find in the park.
If you are gentle and kind and offer it food, it would approach you and you might think it is tame. It would follow you home and sit on your lap or even sleep in your bed. But, if you go to shut your door, it would run outside back to it's nest. The next day, or the day after, it would be back again, scratching at your door, begging for food. Once again, it would curl up with you, but it would always eye the door. It might even bring a nut or a some bedding from it's nest to your house, but definitely not all of it. It could be comfortable for several nights on end, but out of the blue it would bolt. Perhaps it perceived the door was closing, it missed it's wild home, it had to cleanse itself of the scent of domestication.
But always, it would come back.

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