Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama's Speech to Students

Just watched Obama's highly controversial speech to students. Why it is controversial, I do not know - other than the fact that whatever he does it will upset someone.

Two thoughts went through my head as I watched the video. I felt very inspired and proud of our president, I too was inspired to try and work harder. On the other hand, I was disappointed - but in the audience. The camera would occasionally show an image of a student rolling their eyes, or slouching over or just looking obviously bored. I hope that their parents see them in this video, and smack them upside their head when they get home. The speech lasted less than 30 minutes, and they can not sit up straight and be respectful for that long? How many of those people will the message reach, if they are not open? Of course, if they act like that, chance are they were taught it or never taught properly by their parents. I ashamed for the President, and wonder what he must think as he gives this speech to a bunch of students who will not even make the effort to listen. I will have to keep a look out, and see what the response to the speech is, hopefully more people will be positively affected than those that shut it out.


  1. Sawyer is 4 and he sat through the 15 minute speech. He did say, "This is taking a long time" once. Bennett is almost 7 and he actually understood most of it. We had a long talk about the speech at dinner. Somehow it spawned into a discussion of George Washington and kings who have too much power and war and then, "But if I'm for peace, what about Bionicles? I like them and they fight!" Anyway, remember high school kids and what it was like to be a high school kid. Most teenagers are really compassionate young humans; but they are still teenagers. I probably would have sat politely through the speech, but many of my high school peers would have a) slept through the speech or b) did homework during the speech or c) skipped the speech to get high in the parking lot. I see you point, though. A little respect!

  2. Its good to know that there are parents out there who discuss these things with their kids and... um, whats the word? Raise them?


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