Thursday, March 11, 2010

Breakfast in a Hurry

I am having a harder and harder time getting out of bed. What this amounts to is; after hitting snooze several times, I just have enough time to make some tea, stumble into my clothes (set out next to my bed and waiting), brush my teeth, and grab my lunch - which I had prepped the night before. When I manage to get out of bed earlier, I usually fry an egg and make a sandwich to go. Lately I've just grabbed a granola bar and stumbled out the door. A granola bar hardly lasts me until lunch.

The perfect solution? Frozen breakfast burritos. Except, cheaper, healthier and better. I figured, if I can make my lunch ahead of time and freeze a bunch of those, why not breakfast?
I bought some multigrain tortillas (for fiber), eggs (lasting protein & something else I'm sure), frozen spinach (fiber vitamins & protein), cheese and veggie bacon.

Assembly was fairly quick and easy.
  • Microwave the spinach, bacon, and tortillas (for ease of folding)
  • grate the cheese,
  • cook the eggs with garlic, crushed red pepper, Mrs. Dash.
  • Add in the spinach.
  • When the eggs are cooked put it all together. Tortilla, cheese, fake bacon & eggy mixture. Fold 'em up (mine folded horribly, I blame the multigrain tortillas), set them on a baking sheet in the freezer for a bit, then wrap them individually and freeze.

I suppose if you were going to let this sit a long time you might date them, but I only make enough for about a week - I don't know how long they'd really last in there. I microwave mine for about a minute, flip and rub (you have to rub your frozen burrito to distribute the frozen part!!) and go 30 seconds or so more. I also like to use veggie sausage in place of fake bacon because it holds up so well and has more protein - I microwave that a bit and then cook it with the eggs. About 4 sausages per 6 burritos and maybe 8 eggs. I may try frozen broccoli next time as it is supposed to have a lot of fiber & protein (both of which help keep you full longer) and I forgot jalapenos.


  1. I'd prolly eat a weeks worth on the first day :P They look and sound yummy.

  2. I'll have to try this! Much better than the pop tarts I keep in the cupboard for Haley when we're rushing out the door (she won't eat granola bars)

  3. oh... and I like the photos :)


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