Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Simple Soup

I have been meaning to try some version of tortilla soup for awhile now. Eventually I would like to make something good enough that I no longer need Qdoba's "Mexican Gumbo" (I tell them it is not gumbo, they do not listen. Its tortilla soup, or burrito soup).

This, is not a version of tortilla soup. But thinking about it got me here. It is simply a delicious simple vegetarian soup (except I used chicken broth).

I sauteed garlic, crushed pepper, dried rosemary, half a red onion (because it was started), a green bell pepper (because it needed to be used), some celery and carrots until the onion was soft and I felt it was long enough. I then added my serendipity ingredient - two big heaping soup spoons full of Newman's Own Salsa (that was not getting eaten fast enough). You see, salsa adds that slightly tomoatoey, slightly thick, spicey element to the soup. Next came 48ounces broth (I used chicken, veggie works) and some frozen okra (needed to be used!) which I brought to a boil, and let simmer. Finally, for some protein, I added a rinsed off can of garbanzo beans. When the carrots were tender I turned it off and voila!

The verdict? Despite being so utterly simple this soup was delicious. I would not call it hearty, just a simple light soup.

I could have added the potatoes waiting to be used in my fridge. Little pasta or rice or some other grain (bulgar, barley) would probably also work well.

I love this soup because it was one of those random experiments where I toss a bunch of stuff together, and hope it works. And it did! So, I now have a base to build on. I now know salsa works in brothy soups (it was so flavourful I did not have to add any salt!). Perhaps it is too simple for a blog post, but I'm so pleased with it I had to share!


  1. I'll trade it for my Black Bean Soup:

    Boil 1 can of Ranch Style Black Beans with either veg stock or water.
    Garnish with (Raw) Onion, Bell Pepper, & Tomato. (Basically Pico de Gallo (sp?)) Add Avacado and shredded Pepper Jack Cheese to taste.

    Yummy and filling. Serves 2-3 depending on how hungry you are.

    Unfortunately it generates quite a few servings of methane as well.

  2. You had me at Ranch Style Beans :)
    Sounds good, but how much broth/water?

  3. Wait no... Stop... Its perfect as it is. You even said it yourself... Quit thinking about tossing the rest of the fridge into it. The World needs simple soup, not more stew :)


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