Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I've made an amazing revelation; I like exercise.
A revelation so amazing I've decided to once again take up the pen, er keyboard, and blog about it.
I've always loved the kind of exercise that involves hiking around in the woods or playing at the beach, but now I've found that the indoor stuff isn't so bad either. I'm going to chalk this up partially to my techno/rhythm/80's/electronic radio station on Pandora. How can you not want to exercise when your'e listening to "Move it move it" or "I've got the power". But also, its because I know I'm moving closer to achieving my new years resolution. Plus, you know, chemicals and all that. Serotonin and whatnot. The elliptical in the apartment's work out room is a big help. I can move at a good pace without jarring my joints and bouncing my bits.

So, that's it. Exercise good. Make happy.
Also, it makes my legs tired.

Oh, and why am I doing this when I could just take the yoplait diet or lemonaide cleanse or maybe the cabbage diet? Because, frankly, I am weak. No way I could diet. Food and I get along well, we like each other. I like it, and it likes my butt. This way its a win-win situation. I get to eat what I consider reasonably healthy (salads but with ranch dressing & olives, chips & guac, freak'n carbs, the occasional cookie...), and I get all sorts of happy chemicals buzzing around by exercising. And, I get to keep my current pants.

Ooh, you know what else I consider part of a healthy diet? The very rare good ol' American (former)drive-through binge. The other week I ate at Huts (which is an Austin icon) and had a hamburger, basket of fries and a delicious chunky strawberry shake with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Of course, the only hard part is not doing that again for awhile...

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