Friday, November 14, 2008


I am told that perhaps my "yes we can" post may have sounded rude to some christians. i do not understand why. by saying the bible argument does not work with my i was simply trying to state that i am not a christian so that argument does not work. because, how could i believe something based on a book i believe is a work of fiction. and why not bring on the apocalypse if accepting people is a forerunner of it? my very amiable brother and father think it is incendiary.
i have several christian friends and family members (haven't heard from them since that post/e-mail so who knows how that friend thing is going) who i do not think know i am agnostic. i guess they assume i am like them. i tend to do the same. if i read a blog i assume the reader is a youngish white female until i read otherwise. and if i meet someone i assume they think as i do. i haven't brought up my absence of christian beliefs because it tends to be met with "no! your not" - this from a co-worker (something along those lines) and i think my grandmother ignores it when i mention it. i don't know what they think when they realize i'm not christian. what do they suddenly assume? other than that i am going to hell. plus, how do you bring it up?
if i meet someone and find out they are christian, i guess i generally apply my stereotypes to them. although of course there are many degrees and many types of christians. from the lady i work with who is very nice and accepting of people, to the vietnamese guy who is a decon or something but is not very accepting.
so, christians, if any read this, whats up? have i insulted you somehow? do you not like being called christians?

in other news, i've got to get my camera back or get a camera phone, so i can start taking pictures of dinner and writing about that. otherwise, its going to be all bitching.

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