Saturday, November 8, 2008

mccain's concession

so, i have finally watched john McCain's concession speech
it was good and i am glad that he hit the key points that everyone should be happy for - what it means for americans, and the fact that obama inspired so many people.
does john mccain really not know give palin any of the blame? or does he not realize how diry his campaign was? and, will his speech inspire some bitter angry republicans to move on and appreciate how monumental this is?
i am not as moved by mccain's speech, but it was a good speech and honorable.
if the tide was turned, and mccain somehow broke a barrier - ok, say palin was running... well, i think i woman will be president someday, so i think it is not as monumental as a black man winning. and, if more people voted than ever before for a palin/mccain campaign, could i still find that inspiring despite the fact that i hate palin so?
its not the same! obama is all that is good, palin is the dark side of the force.
in other news, looks like i'll be sleeping with ear plugs again tonight. thank you annoying damn neighbors. ear plugs are the best thing. i keep a pair on my nightstand. i wish i had known about them years ago. nights trying to fall asleep with a pillow over my head could have been easily solved with rubbery bits shoved in my ears. not the most comfortable thing - but they do the trick. - just be careful though, it feels weird if you scratch your head while wearing them, and freaky if you brush your teeth with them in.
damn, now i remember i meant to get mouthwash at target.....

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