Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yes We Can!

for the first time i am really excited to be an american. that may sound bad to so many patriotic americans out there, but i question whether we are the best. it sounds too arrogant to me. whats wrong with an EU nation or canada?
but now, i am living in an exciting time in america. we have finally moved forward. we will have a black president. i was too young to appreciate the berlin wall and while the twin towers was momentous - is that something you want to live through (plus, i was in germany at the time). so, THIS is an amazing piece of hitory.
i wish now that i had paid more attention to the election, that i'd gone to the rally in orlando.
I don't think i really paid much attention to the clinton administration, but after 8 years there is a president who is more in line with my views. I suppose i am a late bloomer but at the tender age of nearly 30 i am getting slightly more interested in politics. - in so much as it affects me and the environment. honestly, i'm much more interested in plants and food and nature than i am in the government. just like chemistry.
so, what is all this rambling?
I'M JUST EXCITED!! so much hope lies in barack obama. president elect.
if you have not seen his victory speech please watch it (full screen)

the only thing that makes me sad now? that others do not share my joy at this great time (worse that some people heartily dislike, hate obama - why???????) and because gay rights are so far behind. why can't they be married? why can't they have children? there also is so much hate and false reasoning. i do not think marriage straight or otherwise was in the mind of our founding fathers - as is some people's logic - and the bible argument does not work with me. nor of course does the "its not natural" (i've heard some stories about the boy mini dolphin whatevers at aquatica! wooee! [let me tell you, dolphins are dirty perverts]). a guy at work told me that when gay people are accepted it would be a sign of the apocalypse or some such. (i wouldn't know, something god related) so, BRING IT ON!

just thought i'd share.
Barack Obama has made ME excited about government and america. that is amazing.


  1. It's an amazing feeling, coming from 8 years of being ashamed of my country, to now seeing hope for the future. This election was about Americans and their decision to let this country be ground apart by greed and corruption, or to choose a better path. It feels good to see that so many Americans really do love this country and want to make it succeed; so many want to make America into the place that we say it is.

    I hope that the right-wing of America can see that this isn't about petty politics, this is about creating a nation that is not only a leader on the global stage but also is respected and looked up too.

    A friend asked me the day after the election: "How does it feel to have a President you are proud of?" This statement summed up all of my feelings about Obama. I'm proud to call him my president. He inspires me to be more involved, not disinvolved, with America. The last eight years I've had to say "I didn't vote for him (Bush)" Now I can say with pride "Yes, WE DID!"

  2. and i respond again with a youtube video

    yeah, the bible argument. don't understand why people have leeched onto that particular "sin" and decided that being gay is going to destroy society and that it is 1000x worse than all the other sins combined. it's irrelevant anyway. the bible can't be used to make policy. we shouldn't be able to vote on issues of human rights either. blegh. it all saddens me.


which is more important? i.e. which would you choose at the exclusion of the other?