Sunday, November 30, 2008

long live the queen

i find all sorts of cool things on and recently the coolest thing i found was this video of the queen of jordan. sad to say i never thought of jordan much at all before (i mean, i think the fact that there is a place named jordan and that its near israel crossed my head, but thats all) but i never realized that it had a queen or that she was hot. so, due to the cleverness of the video it appeared on notcot and then i found it and now here we are. (disclaimer; i'm just saying she's very attractive, i'm secure in my femininity enough to say that. plus, smart clever women are attractive)
in other news i've read some varied articles on obama and such and i've come to realize - maybe you knew this already - that in order to succeed politicians need to be politicians. i mean, they have to be careful about saying this and not rubbing this person the wrong way or upsetting this faction. which i guess means that being the way we are makes it harder to get a really good president. because although things might be for the best s/he'd have to be careful about stepping on people's rights and being pc. i don't know if that makes any since, i'm tired and a little hungry and its been awhile since i read those articles. by the way, i'm pro dictatorship by melissa. so, there are my political views (my platform of no babies for anyone for 3 years or so seems to upset some people and i do not know why)
anyhoo what i'm trying to say is that people keep saying "he's such a politician" or "s/he lied/flipflopped" it seems to me that they all do that - especially the ones who succeed. they learn how to play the game and thats how they get far. except maybe a few oddballs like kucinich (a vegetarian president would be cool) and um, who was that constitution guy that a lot of younger people liked? r something...
let me know if any of that made any sense.

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