Monday, December 1, 2008

Aldi's review

So i've finally made it out to Aldi's - the possibly european based cheap grocery store that i've only seen in PA before (that my mother loves). I stopped in the store at aloma and forsyth today. I didn't grab a cart because i didn't need much - but if i did need one i would have needed a quarter because they are cool and european style in that the carts are all chained to gether and you put a quarter in and get it back when you return it (hopefully will stop walmart style carts all over the parking lot). it was very clean and well lit and the prices were really good and they had pretty much everything. I didn't get anything though becuase i am making meatloaf tonight and i wanted old fashioned oats and they only had quick - so i figured i'd best just get everything at publix. but, they had everything else.
the cool thing was that if you did not bring a bag, you have to pay for a fairly sturdy plastic bag (varying prices for different sizes i think - also very european). i saw several people leaving with their groceries in bags and i wonder - will they bring them back and reuse them? will they think twice because it cost them? i hope so.
all and all i think it was cool - but i don't think i'd want to go if i was shopping for something very specific. but if i was picking up random things like sides and pantry staples and random meat and frozen stuff it was good (nice cheap grape tomatoes too).

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  1. i've been making pasta with grape tomatoes all week. just sautee with garlic and onions until they pop, add some balsamic vinegar then some spaghetti sauce of your choice. sooo good. and cheap.


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