Wednesday, January 7, 2009


the children dilemma is one i've pondered for awhile. to procreate or not to punish another creature with the gift of life. of course, i'm nowhere near in the position to carry this through (except that i posess a possibly working uterus) but i do wonder now and then.
at work they say "oh, why don't you have kids?" so i say "because i hate them and they're nasty" to which they reply "what if your parents thought that way?" "well, i guess i'd be happier or never know, wouldn't i!!!!!" i mean really, oh, what if every egg was utelized? what a horrible crowded place this would be.

i don't have that driving urge to multiply like some people do, and when i do get the urge, i beat it the heck down. for my part it also has a lot to do with my mate. i've dated people before who i would have had kids with - i knew they'd be a good father, but i have also dated people who i knew would not be able to cut it.

of course, it would be my own little science experiment. my own little guinea pig. but, it would also be my gamble. kids are a crap shoot. you don't know what you'll get. you roll the dice, test for a few diseases, live a healthy lifestyle but it is still possible that despite your best efforts your kid has some problem - gluten intolerance (i hate cooking for picky eaters), autism, cheerleader... and you can't send them back.

also, how long is the child your resonsibility? i like dogs because its an 18 year commitment at the MOST. if they are a burden on society or others is it your responsibility? you made them. granted, some things are up to fate and perhaps nature.. and, what do you do if they do something unlovable (murder, steal, professional football)? how do you reconcile that?

i don't even know if i'd want a kid for 3 years though. i wonder if i'd tire of it after awhile. all the crying and needs you would have to fulfill. love, attention, food... i just don't know if i could do it. too little me time, not to mention time with the baby daddy.

oh, and then there is the moral question of if its even right to bring more children into this overcrowded poluted world. yes, i put the fate of whales above the fate of humans. i've said before that if i ran for president my platform would be "no babies for anyone" at least not for 3 years. well, babies for whales of course. (you see, i'd put something in the water supply, but it would be hard not to affect frogs)

oh well, luckily that decision is not even here now (and that is a can of worms i'm not even opening up... not now anyways). i'm not even ready for a dog, let alone a human. and people are having kids older these days. although if i haven't made my decision in 10 years i think i'll do some house cleaning and take away my ability all together.

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