Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Or, if you celebrate chinese new year, delay that a month.

So, another exciting year.. The Year of Obama! there is something to be happy about. May he solve all the worlds woes.

Personally, i think my job jumping will be delayed a while. unless something incredible turns up - which i don't think is likely. i suppose this is good, since my resume lacks large amounts of time at one place. on the other hand, i don't intend to delay it too long, so even a year or so at sea world won't improve my job hopping. anyways, i don't see the government (or whoever) opening a lot of forestry type jobs right now. but i'll jump on anything if i see it! i think instead i will volunteer and get to know people and network and gain skills, take classes etc. so when opportunities arise, i will look better.

this year i've made no resolutions. i'm not much one for changing me. i'm trying to purge and declutter, but thats not really a resolution. i'd like to get stronger and fitter, but i've decided to save gym money (i'm slowly replacing my car piece by piece) and delay that - and i'm certainly not going to do anything at home. maybe yoga later... sometime.
so, my only goal this year is to work towards the ultimate goal of a career in forestry/environmental something. which will lead to financial security and stability and... a dog!

other than that, western new year has not been so exciting. maybe chinese new year will be more so? maybe its still last year...


  1. So, this is my first writing on your blog sister. It is good to see you keeping up on this. I really like your "Christmas is to me" for it is the same here... no surprise. I think I'm getting ready to go back to school and finish, obviously asap. Did I tell you I'm trying to self-tutor/prep myself in the College Algebra class. I picked up two books from 1/2 books. I know TCJC is just a means, but I'm really ready to further my path into eastern holistic healing. Well, all for now I guess. TTFN

  2. you think your getting ready? why are you anonymous? thanks for reading/posting!!


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