Monday, January 5, 2009


a little dilemma, should i keep the content of this blog as is - mostly my random thoughts but nothing too personal. definitely nothing that could anger someone specifically like bitching about my mother brother father or lover. nothing too sappy like "woe is me, why am i so _". and since this is a public blog i've decided not to get too detailed about me. in other words, this is random musings (but i think that was taken), not a diary.

i had intended to post more food related stuffs, but i'm not cooking now. unless you want to know about my great nutella and natural nut butter sandwiches on wheat! they're great and they've got to be pretty healthy, right? sure, nutella has cocoa in it, but whats a little on a sandwich? i do get made fun of at work for my chocolate sanwiches. i live off of those things. i'd like to take a nutella and banana or other fruit sandwich, but it just would not last in my pocket or in a golf cart throughout the day as i munch on it.

so, i guess thats it? but if you want me to tell you about how awful my hands are and how i'll never have a lady's hands please let me know.

i think i just walked in a circle with this one. ha, maybe this should be the thing under the title that describes this blog.

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