Tuesday, December 9, 2008

brown paper packages tied up with string

this year - in an ever growing attempt to green my everything - i bought raffia ribbon at michaels to use instead of the usual plastic ribbon. last year i used hemp twine on some packages, and i've also reused ribbon - but what if the person i give a gift to doesn't reuse their ribbon? at least raffia is biodegradable and although the ribbon from micheals may not be completely ethically or organically grown, its got to be better than how plastic ribbon is made - plus, its a tree!

i've also given up wrapping paper. my new favorite way to wrap packages is with paper grocery sacks. if you turn them inside out they make great wrapping paper. plus, they are free and completely recyclable. i kind of like that simple earthy brown paper look. i've read that you could decorate plain wrapping paper with stamps or have kids do it (if your into kids). my old roommate decorated some plain wrapping paper by drawing on it. i really like the simple paper and ribbon look, but that would be fun too. resusable gift bags are nice, but you don't get to rip the paper, you don't know if the other person will reuse the bag, and then if you get one, you have to save it until you can regift it. another good thing about plain paper bags for wrapping paper is that its not too pretty. sometimes i feel bad for throwing away such pretty paper.

once i have something wrapped for christmas, i'll have to take a picture so you can see.

i think i will also do more donations for gifts next year. i read that through nrdc
you can have a tree planted in a tree planted for someone in costa rica for $10. i know i could personally use less "stuff". i heard on public radio that you can get someone a gift certificate with which they go online and choose which organization they want the donation to go to.

i suppose i still like a little stuff, but i really enjoy memberships and donations. any coments? maybe thats why flowers and food are perfect - they are stuff, but they won't last and they are biodegradable so they won't take up space in my house or in a landfill!

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