Sunday, December 14, 2008

the poo problem

of the many problems which overrun the country, one that i never gave much thought to was the poo problem. but, at the last public lands day, two of the ladies in my group were all about it. apparently, their business (i don't know if it makes money or if this is a free thing) is promoting or building dog waste disposal sites. i wasn't part of the conversation, i think it must have begun already when i started listening. anyhoo, through them i learned that dog waste is actually a big problem and beaches and rivers have been closed due to it. one of the other ladies i volunteered with said you can actually trace the waste in a lake or beach to know what kind of animal is causing it. what fun!
so, i am thinking of the loosely run neighborhood in which my dad lives - on a lake - and all the people out there who have dogs, but don't clean up after them. i found some neat information here about building a composter and here about how bad the problem is. i like the compost site because it says you can buy the starter stuff at somewhere like home depot.
in response to the "no one buries the animals poop in nature" statement; domestic animals are certainly (most of them anyways) not eating a natural diet (bacuns aren't natural??) and are not pooping in such a concentrated area.
so, if you know someone who's not picking up their poop - pass it on!

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