Tuesday, December 2, 2008

leftover cranberry sauce

everybody (ok, only like, one person and la madeline's) is talking about turkey stuffing cranberry sauce sandwiches which of course my family can't have - maybe they can with tofurkey at christmas. but, we are not a stuffing family anyways. and, i do of course enjoy our meat free meal. its fun and tastes good.
*but* what to do with that leftover cranberry sauce? well! i found a neat suggestion online to stir it into yogurt and top with nuts! wow, that does sound good! especialy nice THICK yogurt like greek. the bad thing about traveling for the holidays is NO LEFTOVERS! (although there was year chris's family was nice and made us leftovers to-go) i got the idea here.
somebody try it for me and let me know. and now i'm thinking, cranberry sauce smoothies? in oatmeal? on ice cream? i don't know, leftover cranberry sauce has always bothered me.
speaking of la madeline's, its the reason i go back to texas, i had the best thanksgiving rissoto there i'll have to try to recreate...
oh, and what am i thankful for this year? Obama! (how about you?)

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