Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i love/hate science

i hate it like i hate othello and 1984.
i think that what i "think" i feel is really just a product of the chemicals bouncing around in my head. i'm only attracted to a man because his immunities are different than mine and we'll make good babies and he makes certain chemicals and hormones in my head and body go crazy. (or, if i am on the pill, it makes my body misread things)

i like to read these articles about love and our bodies and the chemicals and isn't oxytocin neat, but at the same time it depresses me because perhaps what i thought was love was really just science and biology.

can someone really love you or are they only acting a certain way in the hope of rewards (it makes them feel good, they want sex, they want something)
how can i reconcile being a halfway logical practical person with being an emotional hopeless romantic? can it be done?

sometimes i do things and i wonder if i do them selflessly, or do i have some other motive? of course i am not a great example, i'm not the best of people, but mine is the only brain i have to pick.

i would like to believe that love is not just science, but i am not sure.


  1. Ahhhh... Is Meta Cognition actually possible? As in possibly able to come to useful conclusions? Your brain while you are studying it is being modified by the very act of you studying. OR you drawing a picture of you drawing a picture. www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=4796
    The infinite loop back feed. Are you ever then able to focus on and study the axiom?

  2. no, i suppose i can not actually come to a useful conclusion, but i like to think about it sometimes.
    didn't escher do a picture like that? i think it is kind of like a shell and the fiboonacci sequence (the spiral building out).


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