Saturday, December 20, 2008

next year, less is more

recently when checking out the latest on inhabitat i read a neat article about buying nothing, or at least more practical, earth friendly gifts. there have been lots of ideas on inhabitat for buying things like buying a family a sheep through oxfam. the sheep helps the family become self reliant by producing wool that they can use to make clothes to sell to earn money to feed the sheep to make more wool to make more clothes... i've also read about buying trees and i've bought gift memberships to earth/animal friendly organizations before. and, i also like the website where you give the recipient a certificate to donate money to the charity of their choice (hopefully within reason, not nambla or whatever organization thinks the pill is murder.

so, i need to do more of that next year. walk the walk. i've done more e-cards this year although i was worried at first that people would like them less than physical cards, but i've heard from a few people that they like them. why not? they arrive quickly, don't create waste, don't cost (well, mine didn't). i sometimes feel a little guilty about not buying someone something for christmas but i think they will be happy if i at least get/send a card to show i care and am thinking about them. and personally, i would rather that than something i may have to give to the salvation army later.

-although, side note, i hear its a bad year for alot of organizations like salvation army and toys for tots and food banks, so please go through your house give what you can-

there is a rather angy discussion on inhabitat about why we need to shop and buy junk to save the economy, but i think my gas, grocery, phone and all other bills will have to do that. i don't think my, or anyone else's not buying "stuff" is what is ruining the economy.

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