Saturday, December 27, 2008

so this was christmas

living in florida it is sometimes hard to feel "christmassy" when your in a tank top and getting bit by mosquitos. at least, thats what people say. i think the cold definately helps, but i've had christmasses before, and they must have been warm. of course, i'm used to colder weather and people who say this are used to colder weather so i'm sure people who live in this all the time have no problem.

i did not feel very christmassy this year, but i think it had more to do with another year going out with a fizzle and not decorating my home. and doing "christmassy" things. but, definately, cold would help. cold would be nice anyways.

the real question is, as a non-theist (i'm not really sure what that means, even after looking it up - i assume someone with no defined religeon or beliefs) what is "christmas" to me?

it definately includes decorations and alot of the music i like (just not played non-stop until i hate them) and christmas movies and all that but i think charles dickens describes it best - specifically in the muppets' version of a christmas carol.
its not the buying (although i do like giving gifts or sending cards) and of course to me it is not about the birth of the savior (i don't even know when obama was born! or sidhartha gautama or ghandi). Mostly, to me, christmas is a time for family togetherness. the warmth and love of being with each other and celebrating that.

like valentines day you might say "why not enjoy your family all the time?" well, i like a holiday and this encourages you to spend time with family and celebrate it.

plus, its just cool to put a fire hazard in your house and cover it with electric wires!

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  1. Muppets' Christmas Carol is my all time favorite Movie! It isn't Christmas without the loving!
    Call me sometime...


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